Values & Ethos

Our School Vision
At Over Primary School we aim for happy, confident children, who are motivated to work hard to achieve their individual potential in a safe and creative environment. We recognise the value in involving the whole school community in this vision and seek to empower all staff, parents, carers and governors to work towards it. We actively promote: Respect, Resilience, Resourcefulness, Relationships, Reflection and Risk-taking in learning.
Equality & Diversity
Our Equality Statement on page 11 of our school prospectus includes the following guiding principles we believe in and follow as a school:
  • Everyone is of equal value;
  • We recognise and respect diversity;
  • We foster positive attitudes and relationships, and a shared sense of cohesion and belonging;
  • We observe good equalities practice in staff recruitment, retention and development;
  • We aim to reduce and remove inequalities and barriers that already exist;
  • We consult and involve widely;
  • Society as a whole should benefit;
  • We base our practices on sound evidence;
  • Treating people equally does not necessarily involve treating them all the same.