The orchestra in it's current form was started in January 2009.  All children are welcome to join the orchestra irrespective of age or musical experience.  Children from all year groups are in the orchestra, and they are a committed bunch as they rehearse at 8.00 every Friday morning.  We average around 40 - 50 children per rehearsal.

We play one concert per term, and in the past two years, our summer term concert has taken place in the concert hall at Swavesey Village College with performances from other groups in the school.  We also play at the Over Carnival each year, which means we have played in searing 30 degree temperatures, and wind and rain!  Other venues we have performed in include the concert hall on West Road in Cambridge, and the Over Day Centre.

The orchestra would not happen without the dozen or so adult volunteers who manage to come along at such an early hour!  The amazing support that they offer means we can have sectional rehearsals which in turn means that we learn the material quite quickly.  Orchestra is the huge success it is because of the help that the parents and staff helpers provide.

If you have any questions about the orchestra, please do not hesitate to contact the school.